Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Waiting Game

I am sick. Sick with a sore throat that kills when I swallow. I’m also sick of everyone’s complaints of winter. Hubby is in the garage, staring at the snow and at his motorcycle. He listens to the weather - more snow coming, temperatures in the single digits. He waits and dreams of California and waits for winter to be over. Anthony looks at motorcycle magazines planning, plotting and waiting. Christine, maybe the only smart one, booked a vacation to Florida where she has been for the last week. She will return today probably with some awesome tan and look to plan her next trip – and wait till then. Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Thomas will watch the game and then wait till next fall when the football season starts again. He is also waiting for college acceptance letters (particularly one) and hopefully will be playing football for the college of his choice. We all wait. A few weeks ago, Tony and I took off on a Friday and went skiing at Mountain Creek. The conditions there were the best I have ever experienced at this NJ mountain. But, I guess if you don’t ski, winter is just one long wait. So, here’s my response to winter. I booked a trip in April to Whistler, Vancouver to ski with my Houston girlfriend who I went to Banff with last year. To a skier, winter just isn’t long enough. I can’t wait till April.


jen said...

Be carefull, it sounds like strep. I feel for you. Between the two of us we've been sick for almost a month. First Rick gets a cold and suddenly the house is a nursing home. I put up a valiant effort to fight it with Zycam and Listerine. The cabin fever was setting in. A little congestion, sore throat-no big deal. I was raring to get out. Rick felt better so I insisted we go out to dinner. There we are, a perfect table in front of the fireplace and the jazz trio. A glass of wine, a few bites of pasta, and suddenly the mother of all hot flashes hits me. I was going down. If Rick hadn't caught me my nose would have been covered in Alfredo sauce. He helped me to the restroom where I tossed my dinner into the toilet. I didn't need those calories anyway. My clothes were so dreched in sweat that I thought I had wet my pants. So much for a romantic evening out. My doctor said not to worry. It was just a vasovagel episode. What kind of bagel??

Anyway, I am sick of snow and snotty tissues. We aren't supposed to get that much snow here by the water. Oh well, better days are coming. It's almost tax time.

Cindy said...

I've always wanted to go to Whistler! You'll have to bring me back a full report. If you're tired of winter, you should come to CA where it feels like spring time. I've just had it with people going on about how wonderful the weather is--this is winter, and it is supposed to be cold and rainy. What we've got now seems totally unnatural and just wrong.

Hope you're feeling better soon.