Friday, September 5, 2008

My 2 cents

I have been voting since George McGovern ran against Richard Nixon. Since I have been known to generally voice an opinion on topics that I care about, and have been a registered Democrat since 1972, and read The New York Times, some of my friends and family think that that qualifies me to debate the current election down to minor details. I have had my position challenged at social occasions where the evenings have ended in a knockdown drag out exchange of words that have left the evening with the proverbial white elephant in the room. To say that I have had enough of this election is an understatement. Since the last election ended, this one started but in a more ferocious way than I have ever seen before. I have heard and been the victim of slander, rhetoric and insult more than any other time. Does this mean that when this election ends, another campaign will begin and with the same viscous attacks from the party that loses. God help me. Will someone tell me – who has the right to argue that their opinion is all right and others have it all wrong especially when they are playing Monday morning quarterback. Who reads every newspaper to get all sides of an issue. If you have that kind of time, I want your life. When is the rhetoric I hear from candidates going to stop and honesty come into the forefront of speeches. So here it is – my two cents. I am voting for Obama. Not that I think he is perfect, but I think he offers more than what I see in McCain and his pistol-packing mama vice president. Let me tell you from someone who worked full time while raising three young kids, it is not possible to do both successfully. So there you have it. My opinion –and my right to it.


Anonymous said...

You go girl!! Because, Yes We Can.

jen said...

Impossible to do both successfully? Excuse me, but I think you did it. It takes an exceptional person but you ARE my hero! (regardless of how you vote)

Dare I sound too liberal and suggest that fathers might play a big role in the running of a family?