Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas comes but once a year

Christmas traditions I have given up:
  1. Cutting down the Christmas Tree. We no longer pack the family into the van the day after Thanksgiving and head north to cut down the tree. The kids have great memories of my arguing with my husband about which tree to cut (he was always right - it was too big). We have a fake tree now - it fits.
  2. Decorations that were more kid oriented.  The Santa and the Snowman on the lawn are replaced by lots of lights on the trees and garland on the deck that may stay up until a warm thaw.
  3. No more cooking dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Love cooking Christmas Day, hate cooking Christmas Eve.  Too much frying of fish that makes a mess.  Invite me and I will come bearing gifts.
Here is the agenda for the rest of the December:
Saturday, 12/1 Christmas Dance
Saturday, 12/8 Progressive dinner
Tuesday, 12/11 Foodfest at work
Wednesday, 12/12 Department Christmas party
Friday, Dec 14 company party 
Friday and Saturday, 12/14 and 15 - Weekend in NY with Tony (can't wait)
Wednesday, 12/19 - another department Christmas luncheon Friday, 12/21 - the start of cooking for Christmas. Monday, 12/24 - Christmas Eve (I refuse to cook - see above) Tuesday, 12/25 - Christmas - bring appetite and stay all day.  Food starts being served from 2 PM with spinach pies and grapeleaves, goes to pasta and antipasti and then to the roast beef and turkey (can't wait) with lots of sides.  The day ends with everyone tired, and a little drunk, watching "Stalag 17" (I'm told it is a Christmas movie and at this point, anything is believable). Wednesday, 12/26 - no after sales for me.  I am so done.


©hristine said...

Wednesday, 12/26 -> Christine goes to Florida...Oh that's right.

Anthony said...

Thomas and I demand that you cook on Christmas Eve. It is Thomas's birthday afterall.

kristen said...

Geez, you kids are so demanding. And what's with Florida?

©hristine said...

Hey Anthony, hasn't mom done enough? It's ok mom, we all know they're selfish and tell thomas he can't do his laundry sunday nights. That's my night.