Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Great Pumpkins

My husband is the king of pumpkin painting. Every year the family would go to the pumpkin patch where each kid would pick their perfect pumpkin and a bushel of apples (which no one ate). The best part was coming home to paint the pumpkins.
So to brag a little about Tony, I decided to blog his pumpkin art on this week's post. Although the pumpkin face ideas were generated by both the kids and him, Tony did the majority of the painting with the kids flocking around him at the table. I, with my untalented, inartistic abilities, would be relegated to the kitchen, searching recipes to use up a bushel of apples. Here is a retrospective of some of our finest pumpkin art. Please post a vote for which one you like the best and see if you can guess what the white pumpkin face of of 1998 represented. 1996 - traditional but
I think each pumpkin was like the kid it represented
The year of Tweety Bird. Can anyone guess what
the little pumpkin with the white face was? (Hint: Kept on swimming.)
No caption necessary. Who's the pumpkins here, huh
Not too old yet.
And this year's pumpkin patch. Carved by me and Tony.
But what the heck, we have pumpkins!


chumly said...

I like your this year pumpkins. I especially like the pies that hid inside each and every pumpkin.

kristen said...

Wow. I'm impressed. I had no idea Tony was so artistic. Well, of course, it makes sense...but, still, no clue.

My favorite is the year of Christine's green pumpkin. I think the faces (both real and pumpkin) say it all.

As for the white face? No idea.

jen said...

Good Grief! They are all great. The little white one? Judging from your clue, could it be Jaws? Quinn never got him, right? So he's still swimming.

robert said...

Yeah, my vote is Jaws too!
This year's pumpkins are very "vogue" . Did you get the idea from Martha or did she steal it from you? Well done. You are such a little "Halloween head". Keep having fun.