Monday, August 13, 2007

Anthony's Birthday

I knew when I was a teenage that I wanted to have a family first and a career of some kind after that. As fate is, I started a career in Facilities Management at The New Yorker magazine and met my husband through work. We married when I was 30 and had my first child at 32. Tuesday, August 14th, is my first-born child, Anthony's birthday. He is 22 years old. If you have more than one, the oldest child is who you make your mistakes on. By the time I had the third, I felt I finally got this baby-sleeping thing under control but I never understood what they meant when they said a mother could recognize what’s wrong with a baby by its cry. I am freely admitting those deafening cries all sounded the same to me. But even with my inexperience, if you look at Anthony, he doesn’t look wrong.
This semester, Anthony is starting his final year at Fordham. He will be the first in my family to graduate college. He works as a waiter and bartender on Friday and Saturdays. He goes out with friends that he has had since middle school and one since he was 1 year old. I think he does too much but I wasn’t any better. I’m very proud of him. Many of my friends have kids that are much younger than mine. They sometimes wish they had the freedom I have. I’ve waited 20 years to be able to take off on a Saturday morning to NYC without having a soccer practice or something I signed up for get in the way. Now when I go to the city, I’m usually back home before any of the kids actually wake up. It’s great having some freedom again, but I would kill to have all of the kids over for Sunday dinner each week This year, my husband, Tony and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. To commemorate the event, we booked a weekend alone where we vacationed in our earlier years with and without kids, Cape May. It was just great, just great. Then the following weekend, we headed to Newport, RI where a year ago, I booked a one week vacation expecting some of the family would join us if not all. Anthony and Thomas, my youngest, came for the first few days. Christine had to work. The days the boys were up were great fun for them and us. Then they left to go home to their own responsibilities. My husband and I were alone together again – uh oh. Now I’m thinking “can we actually find more things to talk about for another week?” We did and even went to a blues club where I didn’t feel like the oldest hippie there. We started to find the things we left behind when we had Anthony. So today, I celebrate Anthony – who started the best part of my life.


kristen said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Ginny. I'll be waiting patiently to read more about what my life might be like in 15 years when my son is grown up and moving on.

Oh, yes, and happy birthday Anthony. I do remember when you were this big (you can't see my hand, it's about knee high...) And your mother is right to be proud. You done good, kid.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me the comment was Kristen of Kristen and Jim!!!!
Good job and I too look forward to more postings. Lots of memories.....don't ever expect me to have enough time to do the same

kristen said...

oh, love the update with the photos.

robert said...

We celebrate 25 years this year too but the only dance Jamie knows is "Cotton Eye Joe"! You're still my idol!

Jacqui Q said...

I went to Valley with Anthony but never knew him very well... however i always noticed him in teh halls with his beautiful chizzled looks and sharp facial features that stood out compared to all those other guys who all just looked alike... Anthony was different his style, his dress, his mannerisms, everything... i began dating his friend and got to know him even better and it was like fate that we became friends because i just felt that it was suppose to happen, that i've known him all my life and that i've met him before in a dream or something... out of all of Aren's friends Anthony has always been and will always be special to Aren and I. You did a wonderful job Mrs. D he's a great boy... <3